Laundry: Aired
Women's undergarments, clothesline, clothespins
72 inches diameter
Laundry: Aired presents women's underwear through one's lifetime, as an allegory to the multiple stages and varied roles we assume as women, along with expectations of society.

Beginning with a baby diaper and ending with an (adjacent) adult diaper, vulnerability bookends life passages as told through private laundry: infancy, girlhood, womanhood, motherhood, mid-life, and retirement, before arriving at late-life and a return to potential dependency.

Brassieres through these stages invite discussion of a woman's relationship to her breasts - flaunted or hidden, and ask how, when, and why we cover and bind ourselves through our lives. From the "training" bra to the push-up bra to the utilitarian nursing bra, and from the commercial "boy short" to the thong, this is Laundry: Aired.

mixed media installation; recycled objects, UV-paint, UV-flashlight
52 x 24 x 22 inches
Juried into the Westport Arts' Center "More Than Words #iammore" 2016-2017 show, SHAME ON YOU is an interactive installation of found childhood-scene objects modified with UV-sensitive paint.

Emotional abuse experienced by children in their home is often hidden from sight. Name-calling, threats, and physical intimidation are hallmarks of parental bullying, and children raised in such homes carry with them invisible scars. SHAME ON YOU invites viewers to shine a light on a benign after-school scene to reveal the invisible phrases heard and internalized by children bullied and abused by caregivers. The anonymous bullied child carries this burden, yet continues forward in life and faces each day with courage, resilience, and strength.
SHAME ON YOU - detail under UV-flashlight
SHAME ON YOU - interactive detail
A young opening-night attendee at #MoreThanWords can be seen here exploring SHAME ON YOU with one of the UV-flashlights, exposing many phrases, words, and thoughts hidden in plain view.